Crossing the Bosphorus Undersea

The Eurasia Tunnel, connecting the Asian and European continents underneath the Marmara seabed, was inaugurated with the presence of Turkish leaders and many other foreign guests. Speaking at the opening ceremony,  President Erdogan said the Eurasia Tunnel has been built over the course of four years, stating  that he is confid...

Construction Transportation and Logistics

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Interest in Real Estate Market

The interest of investors from the European Union is increasing in the Turkish real estate market. EU citizens make up 44 percent of the total 140,832 foreigners who have invested in Turkey by purchasing houses and land in a total worth of 18 billion Turkish Liras. The total number of foreigners who acquired real estate properties reach...

construction trade

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Why Set Up Business in Turkey?

“Turkey, which is outside the Arab world, but whose majority of the population is Muslim, appears to be a strong candidate for a larger international role.” in near future says the “Global Trends 2025” report of The National Intelligence Council, which brings together all 16 US intelligence agencies in 2008. ...

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